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You Don't Know Jack

Pee Wee Herman's creator, Paul Reubens, creates a new character for this game show parody. He's slick, he's smarmy and he may just drive off in the grand prize.

The show is based on the computer trivia game of the same name. You Don't Know Jack appealed to computer gamers for years with its smarmy host, eyebrow-raising categories and pop culture trivia questions. Where else could you answer trivia questions about the Flintstones and Jell-O? Any player could feel smart playing this game--and have a good laugh at the same time. 

The game was soon imported to the Web, where surfers could find opponents amongst otherwise total strangers. Before long, new versions of the game popped up--the sports edition did nearly as well as the original.

For a short time, fans were able to experience the game in a different way when ABC introduced this prime time series.  The television version of the game was part game show, part parody. Paul Reubens, the comic behind Pee Wee Herman, played host Troy Stevens.  A cross between The Weakest Link's Anne Robinson and the disembodied voice of the original host, Stevens is a rude, derisive jokester.  Contestants on You Don't Know Jack who were familiar with the computer game it's based on had no problem figuring out the answers to the offbeat questions. They were also be lucky if their host didn't drive away in the grand prize himself.

The show teetered on the edge of complete goofiness, occasionally falling over. Expect to see dogs, showgirls, skeletons and perhaps a ninja or two.


June 25, 2001 on ABC


"Troy Stevens" (played by Paul Reubens)

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