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Win, Lose or Draw
Description of Win, Lose or Draw:

Two teams, each with one celebrity and one guest, competed in this unique sketch game. One member of each team was given a word, a name or a phrase. That person had to draw pictures to help the other team member guess the answer. If they guessed correctly, they won cash; if not, the other team had the chance to guess. The second round was a speed round, in which the teams had 90 seconds to draw (and guess) as many words and phrases as they could.

Premiere of Win, Lose or Draw:

September 1987

Hosts of Win, Lose or Draw:

Vicki Lawrence

Bert Convy

Robb Weller

Sally Struthers (substitute)

Announcers of Win, Lose or Draw:

Gene Wood

Bob Hilton

Celebrity Guests on Win, Lose or Draw (included):

Tony Danza

Phyllis Diller

Charles Durning

Peter Marshall

Gary Owens

Charles Nelson Reilly

Burt Reynolds

Rip Taylor

Chuck Woolery

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