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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Contestants answer a series of progressively harder trivia questions, on their way up to winning a million bucks. When ABC brought this game show over from the UK and put Regis Philbin as the host, it was taking a big gamble. The network built a very expensive set, spent plenty of promotional dollars, and cleared the prime time schedule for two weeks to make room for the premiere of the show. The gamble paid off; ABC was rewarded with stunning ratings and a revived interest in game shows. 

Premiered: August, 1999 on ABC

Catch phrase: "Is that your final answer?"


Regis Philbin


First Millionaire:
Cocky John Carpenter, who used his phone-a-friend lifeline on the million dollar question - not to ask for help - but to tell his father he was about to win a million dollars.

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