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Wheel of Fortune
Descrption of Wheel of Fortune :

The most popular game show in history, Wheel of Fortune has been the number one game show in syndication since 1984. The object of the game is to solve a word, phrase, or name puzzle in which all the letters are hidden. Three contestants take turns spinning a giant wheel. When a contestant turns up money on the Wheel, he can guess a consonant in the puzzle or buy a vowel. The contestant then has a chance to solve the puzzle. If he solves it correctly, he wins all the money he has earned since the beginning of the round. If he is incorrect, the play goes to the next contestant.

Wheel of Fortune Premiered: January 6, 1975

Wheel of Fortune Trivia:
  • Wheel of Fortune was originally called "Shopper's Bazaar."
  • The cost of buying a vowel has not risen with inflation; it's still $250, same as in 1975.
  • Wheel of Fortune was the first game show to be close-captioned for the hearing impaired.
  • Wheel of Fortune is the #1 series in U.S. syndication history. At the end of the 1999-2000 season, it had ranked #1 among all daily syndicated television shows (not just game shows) for nearly 900 weeks.
  • Wheel of Fortune is also the world's most popular game show, reaching over 100 million people.
  • Over $100 million in cash and prizes have been awarded to contestants, more than any other syndicated game show in history.
  • The puzzleboard, which debuted in 1997, features 52 high-resolution touch-sensitive monitors.
  • Creator of Wheel of Fortune: Merv Griffin

    Wheel of Fortune Hosts:

    Pat Sajak


    Chuck Woolery


    Wheel of Fortune Hostesses:

    Vanna White


    Susan Stafford


    Wheel of Fortune Substitute Hosts:

    Alex Trebek

    Rolf Benirschke

    Bob Goen

    Wheel of Fortune Substitute Hostesses:

    Summer Bartholomew

    Cynthia Washington

    Arte Johnson

    Vicky McCarty

    Tricia Gist

    Wheel of Fortune Announcers:

    Charlie O'Donnell

    Don Morrow

    Jack Clark

    Johnny Gilbert

    M. G. Kelly

    Don Pardo

    Wheel of Fortune Theme Song:

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