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Weakest Link, The

NBC has developed a version of the popular British game show for American audiences. The host of the original version, Anne Robinson, heads up NBC's version as well. Dubbed "the rudest presenter on television," Robinson is notorious for her curt dismissals of losing contestants with her now-famous catch phrase (see below).  NBC also shot a pilot with Survivor's Richard Hatch as the host; this version may show up in syndication soon. Versions of the show are also being developed in 10 other countries, including France, Italy, Australia and Holland. 

The Weakest Link - Photo copyright NBC A team of nine contestants starts the game. Host Anne Robinson drills the team with questions.  Correct answers add to the prize "pot." Along the way, contestants who miss questions and are judged to be weak links are voted off the team. The loser is summarily dismissed by the host and take the walk of shame. The one remaining player at the end wins the entire pot of money.

Premiered: April 16, 2001 on NBC

Catch phrase: "You are the weakest link. Goodbye."


Anne Robinson


A Few of Anne's Putdowns:

"Do you still think I'm sexy? Because I still think you're stupid." 

"I feel you should all take the 'walk of shame' but unfortunately you can only send one"

"One of you needs to put out of your misery"

"I won't be popping the cork on the champagne after that performance"

"One of you is about to leave with nothing"

"Who is better suited to watching television than appearing on it?"

"Who has begun to look dangerously dim?"

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 Anne Robinson