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Truth or Consequences
Truth or Consequences Description:

Based on the parlor games "Forfeits" and "Fine or Superfine," the show was a combination trivia game and stunt show. Contestants were asked silly questions and had to answer correctly before "Beulah the Buzzer" sounded. If they failed to give the "Truth," they had to face the "Consequences"-- usually a funny and embarrassing stunt. Often contestants were reunited with long-lost family or friends on the air.  Hop over here to look at old reruns late at night on Charter Cable TV.

Truth or Consequences Premiered: September 7, 1950

Truth or Consequences Networks: NBC, CBS, syndication

Truth or Consequences

Ralph Edwards


Jack Bailey


Bob Barker



Steve Dunne


Bob Hilton


Larry Anderson


Truth or Consequences

Frank Barton


Jerry Lawrence

Ken Carpenter


Charles Lyon



Wendell Niles


John Harlan


Ted Ziglar


Truth or Consequences

  • "Truth or Consequences" made its first appearance as a television special on the very day of commercial television broadcasting (July 1, 1941).
  • "Truth or Consequences" is the only game show with an entire town named after it. After a request from Ralph Edwards in 1950, Hot Springs, New Mexico volunteered to be renamed in honor of the show. In return, the show's 10th anniversary special was taped there. Every year on the first weekend in May, the "Truth or Consequences Fiesta" draws thousands of people. 

  • The show started on radio with host Ralph Edwards in 1940. It ran on radio for seventeen years.
  • The radio version of the show won the Eisenhower award during World War II for selling the most war bonds.
  • Bob Barker made his television debut as host of " Truth or Consequences." Previously, he was a radio announcer. 
  • Truth or Consequences True Tales:

    "My uncle 'William Jack' was a contestant on this show, we think September 1954. He was a well known comedy act in an ice show at the time. He came from Scotland and had moved to the states to work. The show arranged his younger sister 'Nan' to be on it as the unknown masked skater. He was asked to make his opinion on her as she skated on the show then was unmasked to his complete and utter surprise." -- Diane H., Paisley, Scotland

    "My husband was on the Truth or Consequences Show in 1956. His name is Charles E. Lent. He was in the Navy then and stationed in Long Beach, California serving aboard the USS Phillippine Sea (Aircraft Carrier) and I'm pretty sure the announcer was Bob Barker. At the time here was an ad for Pepsodent tooth paste that went, 'You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.' "The question to the contestents was, 'Since the cabs are now on strike what are people saying?' "And the answer was, 'You'll wonder where the yellow went.' Since the contestents did not know the answer they were dropped into vats of water." -- Mary A. Lent, Naperville, IL

    "My grandmother had a part on Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker between 1960 and 1962. My grandfather was stationed in the Navy and his best friend Don Beam was picked as a contestant on the show. He said that they had to do so many push ups and so on and they picked my grandmother, Dolores Faircloth, to bet on who she thought would win. She supposedly won two out of three." -- Brooke


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