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To Tell the Truth
To Tell the Truth Description:

Three contestants claim to be the same person. A celebrity panel asks them questions, and must guess who's telling the truth.

To Tell the Truth Premiered:

December 18, 1956

To Tell the Truth Catch Phrase:

"Will the real ______ please stand up."

To Tell the Truth Hosts:

Gordon Elliott

Lynn Swann

Alex Trebek 1990-1991

Robin Ward 1980-1981

Garry Moore

Bill Cullen

Joe Garagiola 1969-1978

Bud Collyer 1956-1968

Jack Clark

Sonny Fox

Jim Fleming

Ralph Bellamy

John Cameron Swayze

Robert Q. Lewis

Merv Griffin

Gene Rayburn

Mark Goodson

(substitute hosts)

To Tell the Truth Announcers:

Burton Richardson

Charlie O'Donnell 1990-1991

Alan Kalter

Bill Wendell 1980-1981

Johnny Olsen

Bill Wendell

Alan Kalter

Don Pardo 1969-1978

Bern Bennett 1956-1960

Roger Forster 1960

Johnny Olsen 1960-1968

Hal Simms

Jack Clark

Warren Moran

(substitute announcers)

To Tell the Truth Theme Song:

Classic TV Game Show Themes

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To Tell the Truth Celebrity Panelists Included:

Kitty Carlisle


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