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Game Shows of the 1940s

Game shows had been popular on the radio throughout the 1930s.  Radio shows like "Uncle Jim's Question Bee" and "Stop the Music" made the move to television, leading the way for other radio shows.  Soon, game shows like Cash and Carry were created strictly for television.  It was in this decade that Mark Goodson and Bill Todman first teamed up, laying the groundwork for their game show empire.


Americana Auction-Aire

Blind Date

Break the Bank

Broadway to Hollywood Headline Clues

Cash and Carry

CBS Television Quiz

Celebrity Time

Charade Quiz

Draw Me a Laugh

The Eyes Have It

Face to Face

Fun and Fortune

Fun for the Money

Headline Clues

Hold It Please


It Pays to Be Ignorant

It's a Gift

Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge

King's Party Line

Ladies Be Seated

Majority Rules

Messing Prize Party

Missus' Goes-A-Shopping

Movieland Quiz

Party Line

Play the Game

Quiz Kids

Quizzing the News

Riddle Me This

Sparring Partners

Spin the Picture

Stop Me if You've Heard This One

Stop the Music

Tele Pun

They're Off

Think Fast

This is the Missus

Treasure Quest

Try and Do It

Twenty Questions

Uncle Jim's Question Bee

Who Said That?

Winner Take All

Were you or someone you know a contestant on a classic game show? Send me your name, the contestant's name (if different from yours), the name of the game show, and any other information you have (date of appearance, what it was like to be on the show). I'll post your story here for the world to see! Email me at host@gameshowfame.com. *** NOTE: Before you send me an email asking if I can find a specific copy of a show your relative appeared on, PLEASE READ THIS ***

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 Game Shows in the 1940s: The Classics That Started It All

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