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The Price Is Right
Price Is Right Description:

The Price Is Right may have started on NBC way back in 1956, but it has been the mainstay of CBS' daytime lineup since 1972. The longest-running game show in history is still going strong. No brainiacs need apply; contestants just need to know the prices of everyday items. Contestants are chosen from the studio audience, presumably for their level of enthusiasm. Ever-changing mini games and beautiful models add to the show's lasting appeal.

Price Is Right Catch phrase: "Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right."

Price Is Right Hosts:

Bob Barker


Bill Cullen


Doug Davidson

1994-1995 (prime time version)

Dennis James

1972-1976 (prime time version)

Jack Narz (substitute)

Price Is Right Models:

(1972-present daytime version)

Janice Pennington 

Anitra Ford 

Dian Parkinson 

Holly Hallstrom 

Kyle Meriweather 

Kathleen Bradley 

Gina Lee Nolan 

Chantel Dubay 

(1994-1995 prime time syndicated version)

Julie Cialini 

Farrari Farris 

Lisa Stahl

(1956-1965 daytime version)

Beverly Bentley 

Toni Wallace 

June Ferguson 

Carolyn Stroup 

Maryann James 

Gail Sheldon 

Price Is Right Announcers:

(1972-present daytime version)

Johnny Olsen

Gene Wood

Bob Hilton

Rod Roddy

(1956-1965 daytime version)

Don Pardo

Johnny Gilbert

(1994-1995 prime time syndicated version)

Burton Richardson

Price Is Right Celebrity Guests:

Meg Ryan

Appeared in a Showcase Showdown skit in 1983; at the time, she played the role of Betsy on As the World Turns.

Vanna White

Was called to Contestant's Row on June 18, 1980 (two years before she became the assistant on Wheel of Fortune).

Merv Griffin

Guest host during the original run

Price Is Right Important Dates:

  • Spring, 1974: The first Showcase Showdown skit aired. It was based on "Little Red Riding Hood." 
  • November 3, 1975: The show was expanded to a full hour, and the "giant wheel" was added. 
  • October 6, 1985: Long-time announcer Johnny Olsen died. 
  • April 1990: The show became the longest running game show in television history after it surpassed the seventeen-year, seven-month run of What's My Line? 
  • August 1996: The Price Is Right with Bob Barker as the host celebrated twenty-five years with CBS, marking the occasion with a nostalgic prime time special. 
  • April 1998: The 5,000th daytime episode was aired. In honor, Studio 33 at CBS Television Studio was renamed after the show.
  • Price Is Right Also Known As:

    Price Is Right Articles:

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    A few of the celebrities you know from other walks of life were on game shows too, once upon a time.

    Price Is Right Theme Song:

    Classic TV Game Show Themes


    Price Is Right True Tales:

    "[I am looking for] any information you may have on a particular Price Is Right show in 1962 where a 1962 Century Coronado 21' boat was given away to a Scott Larchee, Copoka, New York.This particular information was on a piece of paper describing the boat. The paper was not official, it was typed up with basic information. My husband purchased this particular Century Coronado and was told it was won on the Price Is Right. My husband is now restoring the boat and would like to find out if it was actually won on the game show. I have tried the Price Is Right web site but cannot find anything that might help me in my research there. Any information or reference you could provide would be most helpful." -- cjinotti

    Were you or someone you know a contestant on a classic game show? Send me your name, the contestant's name (if different from yours), the name of the game show, and any other information you have (date of appearance, what it was like to be on the show). I'll post your story here for the world to see! Email me at host@gameshowfame.com. *** NOTE: Before you send me an email asking if I can find a specific copy of a show your relative appeared on, PLEASE READ THIS ***

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