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Feather Your Nest

Couples answered questions to win points they could trade for furniture. The game had three levels, each represented by colored feathers - red, yellow, and green. At the end of the show, each couple drew a number out of a "house." The couple holding the lowest number at the end of the season won a new home and a new car.

Premiered: October 4, 1954 on NBC


Bud Collyer

(substitute hosts)

Bob Kennedy

Kyle McDonald


Jean Williams

Janis Carter


Randy Kraft

Feather Your Nest True Tales:

"My parents were contestants on this program in 1954, the middle to later part of November. My father's name was Lee Bronson, my mother's name was Beulah or Pat. My brother, twin sister, and I were in the sudience. Just before my parents passed away, my folks and I listened to a red vinyl recording made when they were on the program. I remember Bud Collier asking my Dad, who the deer was in the Disney film. My sibs and I said from the audience, 'Bambi.' Bud made a comment about someone out there knows. My mother chose the kitchen, as her room to chose items from. Our family had traveled from Wahoo, NE to Chicago, Detroit, Niagara Falls, to New York City, saw the Christmas 1954 Rocketts show. On to Washington, D.C. This was on a train, we did our homework each day on the train. I am looking for a copy of the program with my Mom and Dad on it, to give copies to my brother and twin sister. Thanks for letting me remember that day." -- Bill Bronson

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