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Family Feud
Family Feud Description:

Families squared off to guess what 100 surveyed people answered to each question. Richard Dawson was often criticized for kissing every female contestant, but the audience loved it.

Family Feud Premiered:

July 12, 1976

Family Feud Catch phrase:

"On your marks ... let's start ... the Family Feud!"

Family Feud Trivia:
  • Family Feud was a spinoff of the "audience match" part of Match Game.

    At its peak, Family Feud appeared fifteen times each week.

    Family Feud Hosts:

    Richard Dawson
    1976-1985, 1994-1995

    Ray Combs

    Family Feud Announcers:

    Gene Wood

    Family Feud Common mispelling:

    Family Fued

    Family Feud Related Resources:

    Survey Says ...

    These people really made Richard Dawson smirk. Here are the funniest (and dumbest) answers given to questions on Family Feud.

    Family Feud Theme Song:

    Classic TV Game Show Themes

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