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Card Sharks
Card Sharks Description:

Contestants had to guess if the next in a series of cards would be higher or lower than the previous card. To get on the board, two contestants had to predict how many people in a survey of 100 answered a question a certain way. The champion player went to the bonus round. Starting with $200, the player wagered money on whether the next card would 99 be higher or lower. The last wager was the "Big Bet," where the player had to wager at least half of the money.

Card Sharks Premiered:
April 24, 1978
Card Sharks Trivia:

Markie Post of Night Court was a card dealer in the 1978-1981 daytime version of Card Sharks.

Card Sharks Hosts:

Jim Perry


Bob Eubanks


Bill Rafferty


Card Sharks Card Turners:

(1978-1981 version)

Ann Pennington

Janice Baker

Lois Areno

Kristin Bjorklund

Melinda Hunter

Markie Post

(1986-1989 version)

Lacey Pemberton

Suzanna Williams

Card Sharks Announcers:

(1978-1981 version)

Johnny Olsen

Gene Wood

Jack Narz

Charlie O'Donnell

Jay Stewart

Bob Hilton

(1986-1989 version)

Gene Wood

Bob Hilton

Charlie O'Donnell

Card Sharks Theme Song:

Classic TV Game Show Themes


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