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Robinson, Anne

She's been called no-nonsense, dismissive, bossy, even rude. British host Anne Robinson, host of the popular BBC daytime quiz show "The Weakest Link," is hoping to strike a cord with U.S. audiences on NBC's prime time version of the show. 

Anne Robinson - Photo copyright NBCGame Shows (as Host):

The Weakest Link (U.S.)

The Weakest Link (U.K.)

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Watchdog (BBC One's consumer affairs program) 

The secret to her success: Robinson came up with her unique approach during the pilot, when she observed one of the contestants turn to the teammate he'd just voted off, saying, "anyone who doesn't know the color of the Teletubbies shouldn't be on a quiz show." The next team of contestants, who also had attitude, sealed the deal. Happy to see one of them lose, Robinson said for the first time, "You are the weakest link. Goodbye." The producer loved it. Robinson said she felt as if she was articulating what the audience was already thinking.

Proof she's human: Had tears in her eyes when she had to dismiss 80-year-old Terry, a former RAF fighter pilot, when he lost on the show.

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