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Bill Cullen

Known as the most prolific game show host, Bill Cullen has hosted more game shows than anyone in history. 

Bill Cullen Trivia:

He appeared on the cover of TV Guide 7 times, setting a record for a game show host. 

During 1975, he was seen on three different game shows - host of "Blankety Blanks," host of "The $25,000 Pyramid",  and panelist on "To Tell The Truth."

He received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Game Show Host, once for "Blockbusters" in 1980 and once for "Hot Potato" in 1985.

Before becoming a game show host, he was a pre-med student at the University of Pittsburgh, a mechanic, a tow truck driver, and a radio announcer.

For a time, his brother-in-law was announcer Jack Narz, who was married to Bill's wife's sister.

Bill's wife Ann appeared as a model on one episode of "The Price Is Right" in August 1957.

Game Shows (Bill Cullen as Host):

The $25,000 Pyramid 

Bank on the Stars 

Blankety Blanks 


Chain Reaction 

Child's Play 

Down You Go 

Eye Guess 

Hot Potatoes

I've Got a Secret 

The Joker's Wild 

Love Experts 

Name That Tune 

Pass the Buck 

Password Plus 

Place the Face 

The Price Is Right 

Three on a Match 

To Tell the Truth 

Winner Take All (debut as host)

Winning Streak

Game Shows (Bill Cullen as Substitute Host):

Break the Bank 

Game Shows (Bill Cullen as Announcer):

Give and Take 

Game Shows (Bill Cullen as Assistant):


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