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Al Capp
Game Shows (Al Capp as Host):

Anyone Can Win

Al Capp Trivia:

Besides being a game show host, Al Capp was the cartoonist who created "L'il Abner."


He Was on a Game Show Too?
A few of the celebrities you know from other walks of life were on game shows too, once upon a time.


Were you or someone you know a contestant on a classic game show? Send me your name, the contestant's name (if different from yours), the name of the game show, and any other information you have (date of appearance, what it was like to be on the show). I'll post your story here for the world to see! Email me at host@gameshowfame.com. *** NOTE: Before you send me an email asking if I can find a specific copy of a show your relative appeared on, PLEASE READ THIS ***

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