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    Cagney, Jeanne

    Caldwell, Jim

    Can Do

    Can You Top This?

    Capp, Al

    Card Sharks

    Carlisle, Kitty

    Carson, Johnny

    Cash and Carry

    Cavett, Dick

    Catch Phrase

    CBS Television Quiz

    Chain Reaction

    Chance for Romance

    Chance of a Lifetime

    Charade Quiz

    Cheap Show, The

    Child's Play

    Choose Up Sides

    Clark, Dick

    Clark, Jack

    Classic Concentration

    Clayton, Bob

    College Bowl

    College Mad House

    Collins, Fred

    Collyer, Bud

    Combs, Ray

    Come Closer



    Convy, Bert

    Cosby, Bill

    Couch Potatoes

    County Fair

    Cramer, John

    Cronkite, Walter

    Crosby, Cathy Lee


    Cullen, Bill