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The Weakest Link Takes Over the World
International versions of the show are popping up all over the globe.

Anne Robinson, host of 'The Weakest Link.' Photo copyright 2001 NBCThe phenomenon may have begun in England, but news of the show's popularity has spread across the world. The show itself has followed suit. International versions of The Weakest Link are being developed at a dizzying pace, and Anne Robinson's rather unique personal style is being emulated, duplicated and in some cases, manipulated.


Australian actress Cornelia Frances doesn't just look like Anne Robinson's twin :: she has an attitude to match. Viewers are used to seeing Cornelia play villains on such programs as The Young Doctors and Prisoner :: Cell Block H. Is it all an act? Cornelia says, "If people think I'm a bitch in real life so be it. I know I'm not :: although I can be..."


Chazia Mourali had a few adjustments to make in order to host the show. The former news reporter dyed her hair red and toughened up her approach for the show. It seems there's a trend developing.


Talk show host Sonja Zietlow hosts the German version. A younger host with striking looks, Sonja met the requirements for the perfect Weakest Link host :: she's tough, she's well-known to the viewers and she has red hair. Perfekt!


In perhaps the most extreme variation on the theme, Ireland's host isn't even a woman. Eamon Dunphy, a sallow ex-footballer born in Dublin, has the distinction of being the first male host of The Weakest Link. A professional journalist since his retirement from sports in 1979, Dunphy is looking forward to the challenge the Irish contestants will no doubt pose.

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BBC has also licensed the show to Belgium, Italy, France, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway, Canada and 23 countries in Latin America. The BBC is also negotiating with broadcasters in South Africa, Singapore, India, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Spain and Denmark. Before long, it will be tough to find a country that isn't airing the show.


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