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TV Guide Names the 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time
With a special nod to the hosts we love the most

In case you missed it, TV Guide recently named the top game shows of all time. And although there were many familiar favorites, the list contained quite a few surprises as well. Take a walk down memory lane and see how many of these classic shows you remember.  

50. Supermarket Sweep Mid-60s. You know the drill: Couples run through the aisles, grabbing as many goodies as they can before time runs out.
49. Love Connection 1983-95. Host: Chuck Woolery. Couples pick a dream date from video.
48. People Are Funny 1950s. Host: Art Linkletter. Goofy contestants performed bizarre stunts for prizes.
47. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? 1991-95. Children's show on PBS that quizzed contestants on geography.
46. Who Do You Trust? 1950s. Host: Johnny Carson. Early version of The Newlywed Game concept.
45. Win, Lose, or Draw 1980s. Charades game created by Burt Reynolds.
44. Ready... Set... Cook! 1995. Forerunner to Iron Chef pairs chefs with contestants.
43. Play Your Hunch 1958-63. Related pairs play as teams to answer questions.
42. Shenanigans 1960s. Children's show inspired by #17, Video Village.
41. Sale of the Century 1969-73. Contestants bought low-priced prizes with their winnings.

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