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He Was on a Game Show Too?
Bet you never knew these people were on game shows!

When you think of game show people, what image comes to mind? Handsome hosts with smooth banter, flashy suits and slick hair? Vacuous models with expensive dresses? It's time to broaden your perspective. A few of the people you know from other walks of life were on game shows too, once upon a time

Johnny Carson

The late night king actually got his first big break on a game show. Carson caught the attention of audiences nationwide as the host of a prime-time show in the 1950s called Earn Your Vacation.

Walter Cronkite

Newsman Cronkite was host of a show called, fittingly, It's News to Me back in the early 1950s.

Paul Reubens

Best known for his childlike character Pee Wee Herman, Reubens appeared as a contestant on the 1970s series The Gong Show. In 2001, Reubens created a new character--Troy Stevens, the host of the television version of popular PC quiz game You Don't Know Jack.

Jesse Ventura

Former pro wrestler-turned-governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura had a game show past as well.  Ventura was the host of the short-lived The Grudge Match.  The show was a cross between the WWF and Jerry Springer.

Markie Post

Best known for her role as a cute but tough attorney on Night Court, Post started her career as a card dealer on the popular 1970s show Card Sharks.

Other celebrities who hosted or assisted on game shows:

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