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Television Nostalgia :: Game Shows of the 1940s
A look back at the classic quiz shows that started it all.

By the time Truth or Consequences made its very first appearance on television July 1, 1941, on the very birthday of commercial television, game shows had already made a name for themselves on the radio.  Shows such as Consequences, Uncle Jim's Question Bee, Stop the Music, and Missus' Goes-A-Shopping first made the jump to this brand-new visual medium.  The fascination with game shows would continue for decades.

Trivia buffs should note Truth or Consequences appeared as a special on that historic night, but would not have its first regular season until almost a decade later. It was CBS Television Quiz which earned the distinction of being the first regularly scheduled game show on broadcast television.

Once the pioneering radio shows gained audiences on the new television networks, new shows such as the DuMont network's Cash and Carry were soon created strictly for television.  Since television was brand new, the facilities were often a bit primitive.  Cash and Carry was filmed in an auditorium that was part of the Wanamaker Department Store in New York City; during daytime rehearsals, store shoppers could stop and watch.

It was also in this decade that Mark Goodson and Bill Todman first teamed up, laying the groundwork for their game show empire.

Viewer interaction had its roots in the game shows of this era. Shows such as Americana, Charade Quiz, Play the Game, and Party Line let the home viewers answer the questions -- or ask them. 

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